Charles is a native of Texas and grew up in San Antonio. He is a father to his amazing son Charles Allen III. Charles has a love for sports and enjoys being by the lake or ocean any time of the year. As a Sales Consultant for S&S, his goal is to “Help People” by creating dream homes for their family.

Before begining his career in real estate, Charles attended the Nyack College @ Spring Valley in New York and majored in Communication, while playing collegiate basketball. His time at Nyack is where he found his his passion for helping others. He started a position leasing private jets to A-List celebrities like Russell Simmons, Dame Dash, Magic Johnson, Chris Lighty and Curtis Jackson known as 50 Cent. His career as as Senior Sales Executive for the private jet firm allowed him to travel to Ghana, Africa and help start a Foundation which helped save young girls, developed new and successful educations systems all while helping people to learn more about the Gospel, and empowering them on developing small businesses. Charles' hard work and determination along with his ability to connect with people from all walks of life make Charles a great Sales Consultant and and trusted resouce for our residential and commercial clients.

As a Sales Consultant with over 7 years experience in land sales, residental homes, apartments and commercial properties Charles is passionate about more than just buying and selling. He is very excited about having such a significant impact in the lives or our clients and the communities we built in. His passion for helping others is demonstrated through the individualize approach he brings to each one of his clients creating a personal exeperience to make their entire process as easy as possible.

Charles prides himself on being very active within the San Antonio community wher he volunteers with the Hilliard Legal Team helping kids in custody battles to find ways to reconnect with their loved ones and rejoin a permanent home. You can also find Charles helping outh with several youth sports teams stressing the importance of education to the young student-athletes.