If house hunting has turned into "house haunting" or perhaps you dont even know where to start let S&S help! We work with buyers as well as real estate agents to help ensure that the next home you build or purchase is truly the dream home you envisioned when you made the decision to start house hunting.

We understand how frustrating it can be when every house you look at has something wrong and it's beginning to feel like you'll never find "the one". S&S can help you realize the potential in homes that are "close" but just not "perfect" by discussing renovation options and budgets to turn the houses you are seeing into the homes you've been dreaming of.

Lets face it thought, sometimes the only way to get what you want is to design and build it from scratch! S&S wants to be part of your team from the very begging so we can help you find the perfect homesite and the perfect home design because we know that pairing those two together will become something truly special. By understanding exactly what you want from your next home we can give you honest opinions on what to look for in a homesite and help avoid costly oversights that sometimes occur when buyers purchase a lot without first consulting a builder to ensure that the home they want can be build within their budget.